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Our Services

We get asked to do the near-impossible on a recurrent basis. But then again that’s why we’re here. And this is where experience rules the day. Legal depositions needed for pre-trial review, presentation materials in hand and on a plane in 3 hours, etc. are a very serious affair. Your direct delivery requests will indeed be sent directly to their destination. Period.

Fast Delivery

Same-day delivery service to your customers to meet specific business needs.


Courier Service Specialists available online or by phone. Available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pick-up & delivery.

Overnight / Long Distance

Over night service with dedicated local and long distance routes. Scheduled and on demand route service.

Package Types

All courier service: Small parcel Specimens, Medical Supplies/Equipment, Legal Deliveries, Process Serving, Fragile Parcels and more.

Direct delivery means direct delivery. Timely, Trustworthy.